What is life coaching?

Most people are familiar with the concept of coaching within a sports context. A sports coach is the person who guides and encourages an athlete to push themselves to their maximum potential. The coach helps the athlete understand where s/he is now and to identify where s/he wants to be.  The coach works in a professional partnership with the athlete in order to effectively cover that gap, and accepts nothing but the best performance.

Life coaching works in much the same way, with the coach encouraging and challenging the client to find that inner strength to become the best that s/he can be in any aspect of his/her life.

Coaching is a partnership formed to help you get from where you are 🙁 to where you want to be 🙂 .

It is a process of accelerated transformation, in which the coach helps you to stay focused on excelling in whichever area of your life you choose.

Life Coaching can help you to…

Gain clarity

Stay focused

Make right

Be true
to yourself

inner peace

Some examples of where coaching can be useful in your life…



Get clear about what you want. Learn to be happy without the need for someone to “complete” you. Learn how to honor your needs and those of your partner. Develop more self-confidence which will make you more sexy and attractive!



Achieve new breakthroughs in your business. Overcome self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that hold you back. Unlock your creativity and the focus needed to manifest your vision. Develop the courage to start working in a job that makes you feel alive.



Explore your spiritual connection. Find a deeper sense of fulfilment as you take your personal growth to a new level. Stay on track with living a more spiritual way of life. Down-to-earth and practical guidance for living more in tune with your intuitive spiritual self.



Achieve more balance for spending time with the family. Cultivate more patience when there is family friction. Learn strategies for the family challenges that come with your spiritual awakening. Create more harmonious relationships.



Get the motivation you need to achieve your health goals. Develop a stronger sense of self-respect. Cultivate more love and acceptance towards your body. Stay focused over time to reach the level of health that gives you more happiness and confidence.

Life Purpose


Get clear on your vision of where you want to be heading in life. Discover your real passions and unique gifts. Develop practical action steps to manifest your vision. Step into your true awesomeness to make a real difference in the world doing what you love.

Coaching is all about you unlocking your real potential. You have within you the wisdom to know what you need to do. The role of the coach is to be a catalyst in your transformation. A skilled coach will use his specialised expertise and experience to guide you into clearing the way for you to step into your own awesomeness.

When you begin your coaching you embark on a new adventure to become a superhero. The journey requires training, discipline, and consistent effort. But your coach knows how to keep you on track. It is possible to change anything in your life. All it requires is courage, determination, and commitment. Remember, if you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

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